What I do.

Over the years I’ve gathered quite a bit of knowledge working on a lot of different projects. From logos to brochures, and recruitment campaigns to showroom designs, I’ve had the pleasure of flexing my creative muscles with a large variety of workouts, so to say.

Branding and identity.

The big "B" of the industry. Logos, graphic systems, tone of voice, typography, imagery, iconography, and a bunch of other details to create what everyone loves to call "the brand".

Packaging and labeling.

Your products need clothes and I love dressing them up. I also do my best to advise towards sustainable and cost efficient materials that avoid waste of resources as well as your budget.

Commercial spaces and showroom design.

Planning on opening a coffee shop or a boutique of some sort and you're short of ideas? Or maybe a showroom for your startup at an event that brings together potential investors?
I can take care of that.

Editorial design.

Magazines, books, brochures and any other type of paper printed media. Desktop publishing and post-press features, if needed.

Technical Illustrations.

I admit, I'm a graphic designer who doesn't draw much, but what I lack in artistic skill I make up with geometry and math. I enjoy working on illustrations of machineries and objects and I'm always looking for that blueprint feel.

Marketing campaigns.

ATL, BTL, TTL. Whatever your preferred channel of communication is I've got it covered. Conceptualizing, art+copy, photoshoots and other logistic needs (if needed), final KV's and cross-platform adaptation.