Who this?

This Rolland, a 35 year old designer hailing from Maramureș county.

Self taught designer using mainly the Adobe suit (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, XD, etc.). Cinema 4D and Sketchup for 3D works, FontLab 8 for typography and a bunch of other little helpers.

I’ve had a life-long relation with designs of all sorts and won’t stop soon. Stemming from a mother who loves to draw and write poetry and a father who can work the lathe like an extension of his arm, my skillset is both emotional and artistic / rational and pragmatic.

Searching for inspiration between the Carpathian mountains and the banks of the Someș river in the new popular kid of Eastern Europe, Cluj-Napoca.

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+40 729 85 27 35

And if we really hit it off maybe we can grab a cup of coffee too. Talk about the future and all that.