Who this?

This Rolland, a 35 year old designer hailing from Maramureș county.

Not exactly the academic type, excelling mostly at doodling and climbing hills and wishing to be an inventor or a stunt performer (according to my 5 year old self).

Mostly succeeded through graphic design and mountain sports, I’ll chalk it down as a win. Although plagued by a short attention span and copious amounts of energy I somehow make it work in my advantage by multi-tasking all my projects and burning leftover energy mountain biking, snowboarding, rock-climbing and what have you.

I’ve had a life-long relation with designs of all sorts and won’t stop soon. Stemming from a mother who loves to draw and write poetry and a father who can work the lathe like an extension of his arm, my skillset is both emotional and rational / artistic and pragmatic.